A Big Idea

Unpublished Book Company was founded by a writer and the president of an online marketing company. The concept: find underrepresented (or unrepresented) voices and give them a platform for unorthodox work.

While major publishing companies or so-called “big presses” offer authors a fraction of the revenue from each book sold, our authors share 50%/50% with their publisher. By concentrating on online retailing, in-house design, and undiscovered talent, Unpublished is uniquely positioned to bring untapped potential and potentially groundbreaking content to a worldwide audience.

Just Being Ourselves

The entire Unpublished team is basically on the same page – so to speak. We bring together an array of disparate individuals such as a web designer in San Ramon with a Copywriter in Kansas City with an editor in Central New Jersey. Even though everybody is in a different place physically, we’re all in the same place intellectually. Through this “social network,” our team each contributes a piece of the puzzle to hopefully create a compelling and colorful mosaic of unique works and works in progress.

We’re on a Mission

Getting up each day and seeking out new talent and new perspectives isn’t the worst job in the world. Many of our authors are interconnected or know each other. Through webs of writers, artists, and content creators we are all ears when we’re approached with book proposals (or finished manuscripts that may have been sitting in a drawer waiting for their day in the sun).

Once these hidden gems are discovered, we do everything we can to bring them to life in full color, voice, and veracity. We’re always feeling a little bit unpublished. How ‘bout you?

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Unpublished Book Company is an
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