Are inventions your cup of tea?
Have the next big idea?
Calving MaBoomBoom thinks
he does, over and over again!

About the Book

Not many folks know it, but on the west side of town, behind Big Felix’s Pizza Flavored Ice Cream, and Edna’s Gum Emporium, lives an inventor, Calvin MacBoomboom and his two faithful assistants, Frazzlecat the cat, an Dooley the dog. Thus begins an adventure in the exigencies of success and failure, fun and fame (or the quest thereof), and the sheer genius that the three magical maestros dream up inside “The Thinking Dome” and their own minds. Always endeavoring to make his toys “touch the sky” Calvin and Co. generate some of the most fantastical creations man (or pets) have ever seen. THE SNEEZE VACUUM, THE MOBILE CAT DESK, and THE SQUIRREL ACORN DETECTION AND RETRIEVAL SUIT,” just to name a few. In dazzling color and mystic imagination, this hardcover treasure trove has something for everyone, especially kids – and kids of all ages.

About the author.

Ted “T. Pryde” is a writer-in-residence in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. He works, plays, and laughs amongst the spirited company of his wife, two daughters, and clever but incorrigible dog. T. loves reading and writing and has always loved the meticulous construction of strong sentences. He can often be seen contemplating these very things while staring at the sky. His oldest daughter finds precisely this sort of behavior highly embarrassing. It must be noted, T. Is a notoriously slow starter, but can build up quantifiable momentum given the proper time and space. T. Is the author of three grown-up style novels: Manifest DarknessAnd The Rocket’s Red Glare, and The Storms That PassThe Storms That Stay. He has written the screenplays for And The Rocket’s Red Glare, and Pieces for which he was a semi-finalist in the ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Program. He also wrote and illustrated The Cartwheel Kid for Devin, and Snow Pants for Maggie, both of which earned laudatory praise from the critics (Devin and Maggie). He skis in the winter, bikes in the summer, and likes to toast the sunset with a gin martini on Sundays.

Ted Pryde

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